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                      * 作者 : 插孔连接器 * 发表时间 : 2018/4/26 12:40:50 * 浏览 :


                           With the growth of the electrical connector market, the super mobile devices in the Internet equipment market have become the main market of the electrical connector products. Due to the steady growth of plug in electric vehicles in the world in recent years, people pay more and more attention to the built-in connectivity of these harsh environments, and all kinds of pure electric / hybrid electric vehicle connector schemes emerge as the times require. In addition, the new energy market growth potential should not be overlooked, although for solar and wind energy based on renewable energy development efforts is still limited, but in the next few years, along with the increasing global government policy incentives, the market will usher in a stage of vigorous development, there will be more at the beginning of the electric connector manufacturers this dynamic and challenging market for new business opportunities.
                      From the view of application, as far as possible to reduce packaging volume device is a trend in the electronic manufacturing industry, especially the characteristics of the portable electronic equipment networking showing light and multi-function, forcing the electric connector in the product development is also facing a severe test, the market demand of the focus on achieving effective connection and interconnection with the outside in a limited space to how, in certain applications, the focal point of the traditional I/O input output connector has become the market competition.
                      Slim the development of portable electronic equipment, to complete the circuit design of the internal structure of high compact makes more and more products, design and the corresponding circuit, interface connection. Under this trend, all kinds of electrical connector products are moving towards the direction of refinement. On the one hand, the number of electrical connector itself is increasing, but the center distance is smaller. On the other hand, the height of the electrical connector is also getting smaller and smaller, which occupies less and less space. When developing such high-density electrical connectors, how to ensure mechanical durability and stable contact resistance of electrical connector products is a key problem that manufacturers need to solve when facing more micro and thin devices and worse application environment.
                      In the application of removable backplane mobile phone, the precision electrical connector is the ideal choice of compact fashion consumer electronics, and has two installation locations, which can provide greater flexibility for the size design of terminal equipment. The development of electronic products to the more precise direction also promotes the development of electrical connectors. The development trend of electrical connectors is the trend of the development of electrical connectors.